Tool 3164584Wiring Interface – OEM


Engine Family: QSX/QSM, QSB/QSC/QSL9, QST30, QSK19/45/60 Industrial, QSB6.7/QSC/QSL9 w/CM850

This kit makes it easier and more cost effective for the customer to install Cummins engines in industrial application. An interface kit containing the required connectors and contact for each family or unique electronic interface is available. Handheld crimp tools to crimp the terminals may be purchased separately.

Part No. Description

Kit, Wiring Repair

QSX/QSM Industrial with options EA1040 and EA1039

3164585  Kit, Wiring Repair QSX/QSM Industrial with options EA2036, EA2037, and EA1039
3164586  Kit, Wiring Repair QSB/QSC/QSL Industrial
3164587  Kit, Wiring Repair QST30 Industrial
3164588  Kit, Wiring Repair QSK 19/45/60/78 Industrial
3164589  Kit, Wiring Repair (J1939 Stub)
3164590  Wiring Interface Kit (J1939 Termination)
3164591  Kit, Crimping Tool (3 Deutsch +1 Packard)
3407501  Kit, Wiring Harness Splice (Contents Sheet 3886151)
4918523  Kit, Wiring Repair QSB6.7/QSC/QSL9 w/CM850
Last Modified:  27-Jun-2006