Tool 3824319Coolant Dam/Pressure Tester


Engine Family:

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Don’t Drain the Block

Using your shop air supply the “Coolant Dam™ Pressure Tester” creates a vacuum, holding coolant in with little or no coolant loss. For many minor repairs, there is no need to spend valuable shop time draining and refilling the system. Unit fits standard radiator necks and installs as quickly as a radiator cap. Adapters are available to fit special applications.

As a pressure tester, this unit quickly checks your repair with positive pressure from shop air without tedious hand pumping. A radiator cap installs on tester to provide pressure relief. An inlet ball valve adjusts the pressure applied to the system up to the maximum limit of the relief valve (radiator pressure cap).

Uses Shop Air Supply

Ingenious and simple, this new timesaving tool holds the engine coolant in, even when pipe plugs, sensors, valves etc. are removed for replacement or repair.

Simple, effective and a tremendous time saver. Pays for itself after just a few uses. High quality metal body is chrome plated for durability. Includes storage case.

In the vacuum mode, shop air passes through the unit and holds coolant in the system. Simply adjust the inlet valve to the required vacuum reading on the gauge.

As a tester the tool utilizes shop air supply to safely pressurize systems.

Easy to read gauge shows pressure on coolant. Maximum pressure exerted on the cooling system is controlled by a standard automotive radiator cap.

Air Requirement for continuous use: Approximately 30 CFM @ 120-150 PSI.

Considering an average drain and refill requires 12-15 minutes, you can compute your savings using your current shop rates.

Helps reduce man hours on many of the following:

  • Changing heater hoses
  • Changing automatic fan sensors
  • Changing coolant temperature sensors
  • Installing coolant shut off valves for fuel warmers and separators
  • Replacing cab heater cores
  • Replacing heater control valves
  • Eliminating tedious hand pumping
  • Provides continuous pressure to diagnose hard to find coolant leaks
  • Changing air compressor or air compressor head
  • Helps do away with coolant spills
  • Your shop may find many other uses
Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003