B5.9G, B5.9LPG, B Gas Plus, B LPG Plus – Engine Difficult to Start (Cranking Time Exceeds 3 Seconds)

Symptom Tree  

Electronic fault codes are active

For instructions on how to read active fault codes, refer to Procedure 101-007 (Electronic Controlled Fuel System) in Section 1. If fault codes are active, contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility.


Battery voltage is low

Check the batteries and the unswitched battery supply circuit. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Starting procedure is not correct

Verify the correct starting procedure. Refer to Procedure 101-014 (Normal Starting Procedure) in Section 1.


Engine cranking speed is too slow

If the cranking speed is slower than 150 rpm, refer to the Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly symptom tree.


Fuel level is low in the tank

Fill the supply tank. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Fuel leak

Check the fuel lines, fuel connections, and fuel filters for leaks using the combustible gas detector service tool. Refer to a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility.


Ignition coil malfunctioning

Check the ignition coil. Refer to Procedure 013-012 (Ignition Coil) in Section 6.


Spark plug(s) damaged or incorrect gap

Inspect plug(s). Refer to Procedure 013-016 (Spark Plugs) in Section 6.


Auxiliary drive units are engaged

Disconnect the auxiliary drive units. Refer to the OEM service manual.

Contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility

Last Modified:  16-Feb-2005