B5.9G, B5.9LPG, B Gas Plus, B LPG Plus – 205-001   Additional Service Literature

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General Information

General Information


The following publications can be purchased by contacting your Cummins distributor:

Bulletin Title of Publication
3379000 Air for Your Engine
3379001 Fuel for Cummins Engines
3666017 Shop Manual, B Series Engines
3666109 Alternative Repair Manual, B Series and C Series Engines
3666118 Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, Electronic Control System, B5.9G, B5.9LPG, C8.3G, L10G Electronic Control Systems
3666119 B5.9G, B5.9LPG Wiring Diagram
3666132 Cummins Coolant Requirements and Maintenance
3666164 Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, B5.9G, B5.9LPG, B Gas Plus, B LPG Plus, and B Gas International Base Engine
3672079 Parts Catalog, B5.9G and B5.9LPG
3810303 Parts Reuse Guidelines
3810340 Cummins Engine Oil Recommendations
4021276 Gas Plus Wiring Diagram
4021521 B Gas International Wiring Diagram
4021317 Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, Gas Plus Electronic Control Systems
4056515 Parts Catalog, B Gas Plus
4056542 Parts Catalog, B LPG Plus

Last Modified:  29-Oct-2008