B5.9G, B5.9LPG, B Gas Plus, B LPG Plus – B5.9G, B5.9LPG, B Gas Plus, B LPG Plus, and B Gas International Engines – Operation and Maintenance Manual


This Emission Control System Warranty applies only to the following emission control parts:

Aftertreatment System  Intake System 
 3-Way Catalyst  Intake Manifold
 Aftertreatment Temperature Sensors  Charge Air Cooler (and associated plumbing)
EGR System   VG Turbocharger Air Control Valve (and associated
 EGR Cooler (and associated plumbing)   plumbing)
 EGR Mixer (and associated plumbing)  VGT Actuator
 EGR Valve  
  Spark-Ignited Alternative Fuel Only 
Exhaust System   Secondary Fuel Pressure Regulator
 Exhaust Manifold  Oxygen Sensor
   Gas Mass Flow Sensor
Electronic Control System   Mass Air Flow Sensor
 Engine Control Module  Mixer Inlet Pressure Sensor
 Coolant Temperature Sensor  Humidity Sensor
 Fuel Pressure Sensor  Throttle Actuator
 Intake Manifold Air Temperature Sensor  Knock Sensor
 Intake Manifold Pressure Sensor  Wastegate Control Valve
 Exhaust Pressure Sensor  Ignition Coils
 Turbocharger Compressor Inlet Air Temperature  Ignition Control Module
  Sensor  Static Cam Timing
 EGR Temperature Sensor  Camshaft and Cam Lobes
   Cylinder Head and Cylinder Valves
Electronic Control System (cont’)  Spark-Ignited Alternative Fuel Only (cont’) 
 EGR Differential Pressure Sensor (and associated  Fuel Evaporator (LPG only)
  plumbing)  Crankcase Ventilation (excluding filter)
 Engine Oil Temperature Sensor  Secondary Fuel Pressure and Temperature Sensor
 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor  Fuel Control Valve
 Intake Air Temperature Sensor  Heated Oxygen Sensor Interface Module
 Engine Position Sensor  

Last Modified:  26-Feb-2010