M11 – 005-043   Fuel Shutoff Valve

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Inspect for Reuse

Inspect for Reuse


To start a STC engine in case of an electrical failure, turn the knob on the shutoff valve clockwise to open the valve.

To shut off a STC engine, turn the shutoff valve knob counterclockwise .


NOTEOnly single post coils can be used on the CELECT™ or CELECT™ Plus fuel system. Two post coils will interfere with the cooling line.

Remove the wire. Make sure the remaining wire connection nut is tight. Tighten the nut.

Torque Value:  3  n.m  [25 in-lb]

Make sure the post is tight and secure in the coil.


Use a wire brush to clean any corrosion from the coil terminal.


NOTE: There must be only one wire connected to the shutoff valve.

Connect the wire. Make sure the shutoff valve coil is the correct voltage.

The coil voltage and part number are cast into the terminal connection end of the coil.


Turn the vehicle key switch to the “ON” position.

Check the DC voltage to the coil with a volt-ohm meter, Part Number 3377161, or equivalent.

The voltage must be the same as the battery voltage.

Turn the vehicle key switch to the “OFF” position.


Make sure the coil wire is not connected before checking the coil resistance.

Check the coil resistance with a volt-ohm meter. The coil resistance must be:

Coil Resistance
Voltage Resistance
12 VDC 7 to 8 ohms
24 VDC 28 to 32 ohms

Replace the coil if the resistance does not meet the specifications.


Turn the vehicle key switch to the “ON” position. Listen for the valve to “click” when the wire is touched to the coil terminal. If the valve does not “click”, repair or replace the fuel shutoff valve.

Last Modified:  06-Dec-2004