M11 – M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance Manual


This emission control system warranty applies to the following M11 and N14 emission control parts:

Fuel Pump  Intake Manifold 
 AFC Plunger  Charge Air Cooler
 AFC Spring  Aftercooler
 AFC/ASA Valve  
 AFC Setting Exhaust Manifold 
 Throttle Shaft  
 No Air Setting Oil Control Valve (STC) 
 Static Timing  Plunger
Injectors (STC)   Oil Transfer Connection
 Cup  Assembly
 Top Stop Injectors (CELECT™) 
 Spring  Body
 Spring Retainer  Cup
 Sleeve  Needle
 Check Ball Spring  Nozzle Spring
 Retainer Clip  Barrel
Turbocharger  Electronic Control System 
 Compressor Wheel  Control Module
 Turbine Wheel  Boost Pressure Sensor
 Turbine Oil Seal  Coolant Temperature Sensor

Last Modified:  10-Dec-2004