M11 Series Engines – Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke)

Symptom Tree  t044

This is symptom tree t044
Cause Correction

Electronic fault codes active or high counts of inactive fault codes

Refer to Section TF in the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual CELECT™
Plus System, Bulletin 3666130, or the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual CELECT™ Electronic Control System L10, M11, and N14 Engines, Bulletin 3666084.


Cranking fuel pressure at the fuel pump is below specification

Check the fuel pressure. Refer to Procedure 005-011. If fuel pressure is low, refer to the Cranking Fuel Pressure is Low symptom tree.


In-line check valve(s) are installed backwards or have incorrect part number

Inspect the check valve(s) for correct installation and part number.


Fuel supply line restriction between the fuel pump and the injectors

Check the fuel supply line from the fuel pump to the cylinder head for sharp bends that can cause restrictions. Refer to Procedure 006-024.


Fuel drillings in the cylinder head are plugged

Check for a plastic fuel passage plug blocking the fuel supply to the injectors. Refer to Procedure 002-004.


Auxiliary shutdown device (Skinner valve) is closed. External governor is malfunctioning or not installed correctly

Repair or replace the shutdown device or external governor.


Engine cranking speed is too slow

Check the engine cranking speed with a handheld tachometer or electronic service tool. If the cranking speed is slower than 150 rpm, refer to the Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Air Starter) or the Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Electric Starter) symptom tree.


Battery voltage supply to the electronic control module (ECM) has been lost

Check the battery connections. Check the fuses and the unswitched battery supply circuit. Refer to Procedure 013-009.


Air intake system restriction is above specification

Inspect the air intake system for restriction. Clean or replace filter and inlet piping as necessary. Refer to Procedure 010-031.


Exhaust system restriction

Check the exhaust system for any restrictions. Refer to Procedure 011-009.


Starting motor rotation is not correct

Check the direction of crankshaft rotation. Replace the starting motor if necessary. Refer to Procedure 013-020.


Injector is malfunctioning (CELECT™ and CELECT™ Plus)

Perform the automated cylinder performance test. Replace injectors as necessary. Refer to Procedures 006-005 and 006-026.


Injector is malfunctioning (PT/STC)

Remove and check the injectors. Replace injectors as necessary. Refer to Procedures 006-005 and 006-026.


Camshaft is broken

Check the rocker lever movement while rotating the crankshaft. Refer to Procedure 003-004.


Camshaft end clearance is excessive

Check the camshaft end clearance. Refer to Procedure 001-065.

Last Modified:  05-Jan-2004